Last date of application is 20-Dec-2021.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I apply for AIPMST (SECONDARY)-2022 “Admission with Scholarship” Examination?
Can I use one e-mail id and mobile number to fill multiple Application of AIPMST (SECONDARY)-2022?
How do I apply Online?
What are the eligibility criteria for AIPMST (SECONDARY)-2022?
What information do I require for online registration?
How do I get password for logging in?
What documents are required at the time of application?
How much application fees I have to pay?
How can a candidate submit the application fees?
Why should I choose three examination cities?
My power / internet connection failed during the application process, what do I do?
How do I make the fee payment for AIPMST (SECONDARY) - 2022 examination?
My power / internet connection failed during Online Payment. What do I do?
After completing the Online Application process and generating a PDF file, will I be able to change my application data?
I have missed to take a print-out of my Online Application at the end of my application process. How will I get access to it?
What are the special provisions available for Physically Handicapped (PH) candidates in AIPMST (SECONDARY) - 2022 examination?
I have a problem in uploading my photograph during the application on website. What do I do?
My Debit / Credit Card have AIPMST (SECONDARY) debited (money taken out) more than once. How do I get the money back?
My Bank account has AIPMST (SECONDARY) debited (money taken out), but I haven’t received confirmation SMS or mail. What do I do?
What is the selection procedure?
Can the Form be downloaded and sent by post?
In case of any query, where can the same be addressed?
What is the mode of examination?
What are the dates of Examinations?
What will be the pattern of examinations?
What is the duration of the examination?
What is the procedure to get scholarship?
How much scholarship would I receive?
Are parents’ income affects my scholarship?
How do I know if I am eligible to apply?
Where are the centers of the Examination?
What would be the pattern of Examination?
What would be the syllabus of the Examination?
Is there any practice set for the Examination?
What if I fail in the Scholarship Examination?
Can I Choose the examination center?
Will the examination be online?
How do I know if I am eligible to apply?
What should I submit with my scholarship application?
How do I get help with my scholarship application letter?
How many marks do I need to crack the exam for scholarship?
What if I fail in the scholarship entrance?
Will it cover my entire course fees?
Is the scheme open for all candidates enrolled in Indian Universities/ Colleges/ Institutes?
What is the amount of scholarship payable to the awardees?

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